Transportation Services

Looking for a safe, stress-free way of traveling around Albania? Allow us to do the driving and planning for you.
North Albania Tours offers affordable transportation services for both Albania and throughout the Balkan region.
We provide local taxis, airport transfers, and inter-regional transportation services at reasonable rates. We also have a bus that can seat 25 people!
Simply give us a call or send us an email and the dates you need help and we’ll be ready to pick you up!

Our most popular services include:

  • Airport Transfers: From Tirana, Tivat (M), Sarajevo, Prishtina (KS), Podgorica (M), Dubrovnik (CR) Skopje (NM).

  • Ferry Port Transfers: From Tivat (M), Durrës, Saranda/Sarandë, Vlore.

  • Ferry Tickets and Transfers: From Albania to Montenegro.

  • Designated Meeting Places: We make sure you have a pick up place when city street signs are hard to find.

  • Taxi Service: (Private Driver)

  • Tour Service: (Sight-Seeing Driver)

  • Airport or Ferry Port pick-up and transfer: (Port to hotel or other destination)

  • Luggage pick-up and transfer: (Point to Point)

  • Luggage Storage: (Secure Holding Facilities)

Travel Documents

You are responsible for ensuring you have the correct documents (passports or visa) if you are traveling between countries. Please refer to your own country’s foreign office for guidance. If you are able to enter Albania, you are almost certainly able to cross into the other countries.

Traveler’s Insurance

We offer traveler’s insurance to all our guests and passengers. Contact us to learn more.

Taxi services and prices

See our taxi services page for more!

*We accept all currencies paid in cash or by bank transfer.

(M) – Montenegro

(CR) – Croatia

(BiH) – Bosnia and Herzegovina

(SB) – Serbia

(NM) – North Macedonia

(AL) – Albania