Theth National Park Day Trip

GUIDED • FULL DAY • Contact for Pricing


Declared a national park in 1966, the Theth National Park covers an area of 2,630 hectares. Winding through the park, the River Theth has created a lush, green, and inviting landscape that is a must-see when visiting Albania. Located near to the city of Shkodër and the North Albania Tours office, a hike through this national park is certain to calm and refresh your mind.


Travel and Hike – This tour starts in the early morning from your accommodation’s location around Shkodër. A minibus will drop you off around noon in Theth, where you will begin your hike.

Lunch Break – We will have a 70-minute break for lunch.

Is 1 day not enough for you?
Check out the 2-day version and 3-day version.


For pricing, please Contact Us.

What to Bring

Hiking Gear, Water, Picnic Lunch
Please be aware you need to be in good physical health to hike the trail. Be prepared to be safe.