Researchers Studying Albania & Medical or Dental Health Services

Are you visiting Albania with an special purpose in mind?

Butrint National Park located 18 km south of Sarandë in Vlorë County, Albania

Researchers, Internships, Sabbaticals and Students

We can help you organize special excursions, transfers and accommodations for your research teams, interns and students in all of Albania. While in Albania you can build contacts for non-profit organizations and private individuals in your field of interest. The most famous and asked about topics of study are: Urban History, Religious Studies, Communism (Periods of Communist Rule), Rural Development, Geology, Ottoman Empire, Zoology, Art, Anthography and Archaeology. offers guides, transfers (drivers) and we have some connections to actual Professors in various regions of Albania.

Medical and Dental Health

Most recently a large number of tourists visiting Albania come with the purpose of dental or other health related treatments or services. We are here to help! We can assist you with both recommendations (if you don’t already have your own) and our personal reviews of the facilities in N. Albania. We can also help you find the appropriate professionals to provide translation or transcription services if needed. Contact us to customize and arrange your personal health care needs.