Day Tour To Tirana

This tour we will bring you by car to Tirana, the capital  and pulsating heart of Albania. Here you can observe all facets of the country;  ancient traditions to the modern way of life.

Throughout the city you will walk among all the famous architecture. The Ura e Tabakëve Bridge and Historical Museum are the highlights. The museum is excellent for  learning about the history of the country. We will guide you to the former Communist prison, and share this recent difficult time of our history. Next we step into the
BUNK’ART, a massive cold war bunker on the outskirts of Tirana. This area was converted into a history and contemporary art museum and represents the progressive edge the country is experiencing.

When the sun goes down the life in Tirana changes. Begins the rhythm of nightlife, filling the streets with people and greeting you with curiosity and fun.