Authentic Albanian Cooking Courses

Have you ever wondered what typical Albanian food tastes like? Would you like to learn how to prepare traditional Albanian cuisine in a family’s home?

It’s generally difficult to find places in Albania that offer cooking classes to visitors, but we have teamed up with a professional cook named Emanuela to ensure you can sample and learn how to make some of our favorite delicious dishes, many of which have Greek, Italian and Turkish origins. Emanuela learned how to prepare traditional Albanian and Italian dishes at the local women’s shelter where she works. For years, she’s been creating tasty delicacies for our cooking class students and Florian Guesthouse guests, ensuring no one leaves Albania hungry.

Emanuela would also like to invite you into her home and share how to prepare a typical feast. After the cooking class, you will get to enjoy the dishes you have helped prepare. And, you can toast to your success with a glass of Emanuela’s family’s homemade wine, which is included in the course fee.

Sample food items may include:

  • Byrek – A crispy, multi-layered pastry filled with ingredient combinations such as cheese, ground meat, onions, vegetables and eggs. (Byrek variations exist throughout the Balkans, with each country offering a different take on this savory classic.)
  • Traditional Albanian salads – Made from vegetables grown in the garden of Emanuela’s home. Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are popular ingredients, but ingredient combinations depend upon what is fresh and in-season.
  • Rustic Bread – Whether prepared using whole-grain wheat flour or gluten-free corn flour, the result is always delicious!
  • Soup – Incorporating colorful vegetables and handfuls of fresh herbs, we often drizzle fresh lemon juice onto our steaming-hot soup. Emanuela often makes cabbage or fish-based soups with her students, but the possibilities are practically endless. It’s also common in Albania to serve a sprig of green onion on the side, so that you can nibble on it as you enjoy the soup.
  • Homemade wine – lovingly made by Emanuela’s father, Zef, using grapes grown in the family’s vineyard.


Prices vary depending on group sizes, so please contact us for more details. When you write, please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences.


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