Prekal Village Cycle Adventure

If you enjoy cycling in the great outdoors, breathing the fresh countryside air and getting close to nature, then our cycle adventure to the picturesque village of Prekal is just right for you.

In a “region north of Shkodër between the present day villages of Drisht , Prekal – dates back to 899, when a Bishop of Pult was appointed as a suffragan (a bishop appointed to help a diocesan bishop”).

Our typical itinerary:

  • Start –  We will depart from Shkodër and take a pleasing route that crosses the beautiful 18th-century Mesi Bridge, which is often referred to as the ‘Lord of the Rings Bridge.’ It spans the Kir River and is one of the longest Ottoman bridges in the region.
  • Cycle RouteOn a solid path we will begin a 15 kilometer (9 mile) journey through the stunning Kir Valley, along the Kir river. We’ll take regular breaks and there will be time to have a refreshing swim in the river (make sure you bring your bathing-suit!).
  • Lunch – Upon arriving in Prekal Village, you can purchase lunch at a local restaurant, most specializing in fresh fish and traditional Albanian cuisine. (Please note: lunch is not included in the tour price.) After lunch and some rest, we will start the return journey back to Shkodër.
  • Tour Duration  Approximately 5 hours

For a price quote and to book this tour, please  contact us. We’re also flexible and willing to customize routes, based upon your interests.

Prekal Village