Agriculture and way of living

In most countries electricity, water or heating is considered given and is just one grip away. In north albania in the area of Stoj, you can meet people who grow most of their food (around 90%) in their own garden, heat and cook with a wood oven and have their own well for water. Those people are passionate to make things on their own. Are you interested in sustainable lifestyle and agriculture? Here you have the possibility to get to know a completely different daily routine.

One have to collect wood in the forest of the mountains of Pult for warmth in the winter and for cooking. And burn wood to heaten up the water for a hot shower. From the wood one creates their own tools for gardening: To dig the acre over use shovels and picks to put the seeds in the ground. So that vegetables like beans, tomatos, potatos, aubergines, onion, carrots can grow in the garden. But how to dry them for the winter? The farmers usually have trees of fruit too: kiwis, cherries, apples, plumbs, persimmons, grenade apples, pears. To have figs over a few month, one can grow different kind of fig trees that have fruit over May/June/July/August. And the plants get water from the well which people tend to dig by themselves, sometimes up to 25m deep. You will get an image of how they make raki and wine. As of wine they grow lots of different grapes: Qylek, Sheshi i zi,  Merlot, Kallmet, Vernac, Sheshi i bardhe, Havizali, Kabernet. And wine they use as a trade for other food or milk. Maybe you want to see how they make cheese from goats and sheep or honey from the bees.

Are you interested in Agriculture or just want to see how the daily life of a farmer is like, contact us below!