Hot spring Day Tour to Lengarica


Lengarica Excursion


With this tour we will bring you to Petran, a village in South Albanian. Between the hamlet flows the Lengarica, the river is 36.8 kilometers long and drains an area of ​​337 square kilometers.


Down the River Lengarica there are several attractions: the extremely narrow Lengarica gorge, the thermal mineral springs of Bënja, the ottoman stone bridge Ura e Kadiut and a lot of caves.



Lengarica, a valley with straight sides is four kilometers long and 100 meters deep. In the spring you can visit the valley with canoes in ideal water conditions. In summer at low tide, the gorge can also be wadded.



The thermal mineral spring of Bënja, occurs up to 30 ° C warm water and were already known in Roman times. Lengarica excursion will ends in a relaxing bath in the calming and hot mineral water. The spa water given a healing power, for example in case of problems with the stomach, rheumatism or the skin!



We hope you’ll come see for yourself and refresh your body!


  • Time: Whole Day
  • Type: Guided Tour