Horseback Riding in the Albanian Alps

Exploring the beautiful Albanian Alps on horseback is one of the newest and most memorable tours we offer. Guided by a local expert, this horse riding adventure takes you through a pristine and untouched national park. Full of natural beauty; beautiful flora and fauna, mountains and magnificent panoramic views. If you are looking for a truly natural experience involving these majestic animals, this adventure is for you.

We offer a full day trip for individuals and groups up to a maximum of 15 people.  Day trips start in the early morning and end in the early evening. can help coordinate your transportation to and from the horse ranch situated on the national park.

 If you have your own transport we can give a discount. We are also able to rent you a 4×4 jeep, or arrange a private transfer.

If one day of horseback riding isn’t enough, you can also help arrange your stay overnight in a comfortable bed & breakfast that we highly recommend.

  • Please note: driving from Florian’s Guesthouse in Shkodër to the horse ranch takes approximately 2 hours.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking times and dates please contact us now to arrange your trip experience.

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