Stories of Albania face to face

There are things you can not read online. Personal stories are experienced best by telling them face to face in order to transport feelings and thoughts of the people who lived those stories.

Florian wants to take you on a journey throughout the history of Albania: From the rule of the Ottoman empire that ended in 1912 up to the communist era under Enver Hoxha from 1944 that ended a couple of years after his death in 1985 until recent developments in Albania. The stories are told from mouth to mouth from parents to children and are held in their familiy for generations. As Florians family belongs to the minority of Christian people who live in Albania, you will hear about the influence from the Ottomans and their pressure on the Albanian culture or how the communist government wanted to visit the family’s winery. Or maybe you are wondering why people from Albania had to learn Chinese?

This and other interesting and genuine stories will be told to you in a relaxed and private setting. There are sessions offered for individuals and groups. You will get some coffee and tee or if you perfer, you can taste the homemade wine. You will see where the family lives and enjoy the setting of  florians lovely guesthouse. For more information, contact us below!