Live In Albania or Work Remotely From Paradise

Albania is one of the most affordable Mediterranean countries in Europe, bordering Montenegro (a few hours from Shkoder, Kosovo, North Macedoniae, and Greece . Albania is your undiscovered country, and your unrealized dream ….in the Balkans!

With around 300 days of sunshine, will help you find long-term or shorter-term accommodations!  Beach or Mountains?

USA passport holders can stay up to one (1) year (tourist Visa) without filing an application for Albanian long-term resident visas. Citizens from Australia, Canada, UK, Ukraine and other European countries can stay up to 90 days according to Schengen Visas.

Short & Long-term Relocation also recognizes that people everywhere are relocating due to the global pandemic, and seeking long-term visitation and permanent residency in Albania.

North Albania Tours is onboard with international relocation. We now offer extensive relocation services in order to assist people who’ve decided to take the plunge and are seeking long-term visas as well as residency. We can help you to get to where you want to go!

We offer residency guidance, including affordable apartments, healthcare, pharmacies, schools, employment and recreation assistance…local assistance to hook you up in your desired location! Life is too short to quench your dreams!

COVID-19 Information

Entering and Residing

Currently, Albania is one of the few nations on the planet that welcomes Americans to visit, without a visa, and without the 90-day limitation of the Shengen Agreement in Europe. Americans are welcome to stay in Albania for up to a year, without a visa, and without the hassle of leaving and returning to satisfy customs and immigration. While borders throughout the world are opening, closing, and re-opening due to the global lockdown, Albania welcomes you, hassle-free!

Your physical wellbeing and mental health are important to us at NorthAlbaniaTours: WE do the work, so you don’t have to worry!

Contact Florian to develop your relocation plan

And while you’re thinking about Albania, we’d like to invite you to book your stay at Florian’s Guest House, where you can stay far away from the maddening crowds, in a green and non-toxic environment, while experiencing the peaceful easy feeling of a non-covid-spiking location.

We live a natural, organic lifestyle, and we’d like to invite you to our holistic guest house, while we assist you in finding your relocation. And while you’re here, we invite you to enjoy our lifestyle: we trade products with the local farmers, and produce our own fruit, vegetables, bread, wine, and rakija. But we do trade for our delicous goat cheese, so you don’t haved to worry about the goats eating your breakfast!

We have a positive-energy environment where you’ll be refreshed and reinvigorated to your natural state of existance while living in our garden rooms. Basic natural living at its uncompromised best!