Choosing your home away from home is a big decision when traveling. We understand how important that decision is by offering lodging that is safe, affordable, and comfortable. That’s why at North Albania Tours, we strive to treat our guests like family.

Plus, as your travel plans emerge and if you are looking for a small family-run guesthouse in the Kelmend, Valbona or Theth Mountains, an executive self-catering apartment in Tirana, or possibly a luxury boutique hotel in Durrës, we can assist you in booking accommodations that suit a wide range of expectations, different budgets and locations all over Albania.

North Albania Tours directly manages Florian’s Guest House, in Shkodër, Albania, which can be booked directly through us. We look forward to hosting you.

For further details on Albanian accommodations, please feel free to contact us.

For further details on Florian’s Guesthouse in Shkodër, Albania below.


00355  682 335 921 Florian’s mobile (*recommended and call anytime)

00355  068 233 5921 Guesthouse Directly

Florian’s Guesthouse Website and email