Welcome to North Albania Tours, an experienced and family-owned tour operators based in Shkodër, Albania. We specialize in providing unique and exciting tours, offer accommodation and transportation services to suit every kind of traveler, group size and budget. Please scroll down to learn more about our tour packages. As often said in Albania: “Faleminderit!” Thank you for visiting. We can’t wait to have you as our guest!

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North Albania Tours offers a variety of excursions to suit your travel interests, whether your interest is nature, outdoor activities such as hiking and horse riding, cultural such as food and wine tasting, or Albanian history. We accommodate any group size and budgets of every kind of traveler. In addition to specialized itineraries for Northern Albania, we can also help you plan holiday excursions for greater Albania and neighboring countries such as Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.


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Trying to find the best way to travel around Albania is not easy for tourists due to expensive car rentals, a less developed or slow public bus and rail transport system, inaccurate maps and road signs, along with outdated travel information.

North Albania Tours provides you transportation services to help you remove any stressful travel!

We help with taxi services, designated meeting places, transfers and transportation services, whether you are an individual traveler, a small or large travel group.


Finding ideal and comfortable accommodation in Albania can be challenging but North Albania Tours will make it easier for you. We can help you find suitable accommodations for a wide range of budgets.

We have access to small family-run guest houses in the Theth Mountains, an executive self-catering apartment in Tirana, and a luxury boutique hotel in Durrës.

But when you are in Shkodër, please stay with us as we directly own and manage Florian’s Guesthouse.